Tuesday, February 21, 2012


              The site plan is a layout showing location of the area belonging to the building or property under consideration.It should be prepared before construction of the building and should include the following details:
  1. The shape of the plot and the boundary of the plot with all exterior dimensions.
  2. Setback line at the front, back and sides .
  3. Any permanent boundaries or marks if any existing on site.
  4.  Type of existing street or road along with its name and width should be indicated 
  5. Grade elevations at the centre line should also be indicated.Grade elevations at the corners of the plot and at the corners of the house should be indicated by means of contour lines.
  6. Size and location of detached garage or toilet block if any.
  7. North line and wind directions should be indicated clearly.
  8. Width and type of foot paths, if any.
  9. Zoning and restrictions for the building should be mentioned.
  10. Location of fire hydrant should be shown.
  11. Size, location, type and details of gas line, underground drainage line, man-holes, connection ti public sewer, water mains, ventilating pipes, electric cable line ,etc.Should be indicated clearly.

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