Friday, February 17, 2012


                      The pile are used to transmit the load of structure to the soil.The term pile foundation is used to describe a construction for the foundation of a wall or a pier, which in turn is supported on the piles.The piles may be placed separately or they may be placed in the form of a cluster throughout the length of the wall.This construction is adopted when the loose soil extends to a great depth.The load of the structure is transmitted by the piles to hard stratum below or it is resisted by the friction developed on the sides of piles.
             Piles are deep foundations.They are relatively long, slender members and are either driven it the ground or bored cast-in-situ.The pile foundations become one of the choices when shallow foundation are not able to meet the required objectives.Such situations are often faced by the construction engineer due to weak foundation soils, which are not in a position to withstand the load from the superstructure be meeting the desired criteria of satisfactory foundation, i.e., no shear failure of the foundation soil and not exceeding the allowable settlement.
            The most important factor in a pile selection is the soil condition and the type of piles i.e., a driven pile or cast-in-situ pile,selection will be governed by the soil type and its consistency if cohesive soil and its degree of compactness if cohesion less soil.  

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