Tuesday, February 21, 2012


                T he term planning of a structure by an architect is used to mean the arrangement of all the units of a building on all floors and at all levels and it not only includes the horizontal layout but also it takes into consideration the heights and levels to accommodate the space enclosed by walls, floors and roof.While attempting to plan a building , the main criteria to a constantly kept in mind by the architect is the general scope or purpose of the building.

               There are other factors such as legality of ownership right, financial, etc.which are to be decided by the owner.But as far as an architect is concerned, he is supposed to give serious thinking on the functional or utility aspect of the building and his work starts right from the selection of the site to the completion of the project.The architect should decide the type of site required for a particular structure or alternatively, he must be in position to suggest the type of structure which would be desirable on a particular site   

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